Fluorometer Optical Sensor Launch Expands Valeport`s Product Range


Source: Valeport Ltd

Valeport’s optical sensor range launches with a Fluorometer.

Valeport expands it's product range into optical sensors and debuts with the new Hyperion Fluorometer.

Valeport’s new Hyperion Fluorometer delivers a high performance measurement of Chlorophyll A, Rhodamine and Fluorosceine in a compact and robust package ideal for ROV and AUV use.

Offered as standard in a 6000m depth rated, titanium housing the Hyperion Fluorometer has a wide range (9-30V DC) isolated power supply, data output up to 32Hz and RS 232 communications, which is ideal for rapid profiling.

Further package options will follow and will include versions for Crude oil, CDOM, Chlorophyll A (red excitation), Cyanobacteria (marine and freshwater), PTSA, optical brighteners, Turbidity and Optical backscatter.

Valeport’s new Hyperion Fluorometer is now available to order for deliveries in November 2015.

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