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REACH is in force now and GHS (the Globally Harmonised System for the Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) is expected this year, WASPS will be ready…. Will you??

As you will know the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals Regulation (REACH) is in force. This requires all manufacturers and suppliers who deal with chemicals to share all important safety information with their customers and chemical users right down the supply chain to the end user.

Properly written, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) effectively communicate chemical hazards to most chemical industry professionals. However, the SDS is woefully inappropriate for most people who actually use, ship or otherwise handle chemicals. SDS cannot easily be understood by the majority of workers in industries where chemicals are used.

The WASP sheet is a cost-effective communications tool for REACH and will be for GHS, because it bridges the gap between the scientifically expressed SDS and most of the workforce. The WASPS package also contains a full implementation of the COSHH Essentials risk assessment method introduced by the HSE. WASP sheets can be produced in less than 5 minutes and in a variety of languages. This is why Kodak Research UK, Kellogg’s, Rentokil to name a few have made the change to WASPS.

GHS is expected to come into force, in the European Union, during 2008. The work of changing over will be substantial. Allow WASPS to take the sting out of the process for you. Did you know that ultimately, GHS would completely replace the CHIP regulations? There will be a new way to classify hazardous chemicals. It can never be too early to couple ultimate workplace safety to compliance with new legislation! Current WASPS users are saving money, saving time, effectively communicating hazards to their workforce and will be prepared to navigate towards REACH and GHS compliance…..Will you??

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