Free electrical recycling and free computer recycling for household equipment


Source: Midex

Aldershot-based Midex, specialist in the processing, recycling and disposal of end of life I.T. and WEEE (waste electrical and electronic) goods has announced the opening of its first free recycling drop-off point for redundant household computer and electrical equipment waste at its Manawey Industrial Estate, Holder Road facility.

Free of charge and open Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm, residents with small items of obsolete and non-hazardous electrical waste and electronic kit such as computers, laptops, CD players, printers, radios and electronic games need simply take their goods along to Midex, for disposal and recycling in a secure and environmentally friendly manner.

Weee Recycling Process

Designed to help reduce the amount of WEEE goods from ending up in landfill, the service has also been launched to provide members of the public looking to reduce their own carbon footprints, with an easy to implement solution.

Chris Spooner, general manager, Midex said: 'We've recognised for some time now that the public often struggles for ways to get rid of unwanted electrical and I.T. equipment and pieces of small electrical goods. Some civic amenity site can even be reluctant to accept the goods, as they in turn are charged for onward disposal. What we are offering is free recycling for household electrical waste and I.T. equipment and doesn't cost a penny. It's a win, win situation.'

On arrival at the reprocessing plant, electronic waste is de-bulked and broken down into components parts. The plastic is set aside for collection by a specialist recycler whilst the remaining waste is shredded to less than 25mm, using two separate shredding machines. Ferrous material, iron and steel is extracted via an over-band magnet and stored in one tonne bags until sold.

Finally, after passing through an Eddy Current Separator for removing aluminium, leftover parts such as wires, circuit boards and small quantities of precious metals are stored in one tonne bags ready for smelting.

Midex Weee Compliance

Established in 1993 initially as an engineering support company to the UK computer and I.T. industry and today licensed by the Department of Environment, Midex offers a comprehensive range of affordable solutions to help organisations of all sizes meet their WEEE compliance commitment in the most environmentally-friendly and simplest way possible.

For more information on electrical waste and computer disposal, please contact us.

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