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Free on-site multiparameter gas analysis


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Quantitech Ltd has launched the world’s first truly portable FTIR multicomponent workplace gas analyser and in order to enable prospective users to see the technology for themselves, the company's Dr Andrew Hobson is offering to visit sites and run tests completely free of charge.

This offer is available for a limited period of time, but Dr Hobson says, “In the past, field-use instruments for the detection of toxic gases have sacrificed analytical performance for the sake of usability. As a result, many portable instruments have merely provided data that is indicative and non-specific, whereas analytical instruments have been difficult or impossible to operate in the field.'

'There will be no obligation to purchase on the part of the companies that I am visiting; we simply wish to ensure that as many people as possible are able to experience the benefits of simultaneous multicomponent analysis in a portable device. We appreciate that not everyone needs a new gas analyser at this moment in time, but we hope that, having seen the Gasmet DX-4030, they will give Quantitech a call when they do.'

The DX-4030 is a revolutionary new analyser based on tried and tested Gasmet technology providing both field-usability and high levels of analytical performance. The DX-4030 employs FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed Spectroscopy) analysis producing almost instantaneous readings for multiple compounds across a wide measurement range that extends to sub-ppm levels.

No sample preparation is needed; the sample gas is drawn into the analyser module by a sampling wand, which has a built-in particle filter. The whole system is battery operated with an operating time of several hours.

Quantitech has already supplied the Gasmet DX-4030 to customers with varied and challenging applications, and Dr Hobson has visited a wide variety of sites around the UK providing on-site analysis of workplace and process gases in applications as diverse as chemical spill response, industrial hygiene, contaminated land, leak detection and the measurement of anaesthetic gases in hospitals.

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