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French microorganisms boost municipal wastewater plant in Malaysia


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NeoBio natural wastewater treatment reduces costs and improves effluent quality for municipal wastewater treatment plant.

July/August 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- A major Malaysian municipal wastewater treatment plant operator is recording multiple benefits from using NeoBio Natural Wastewater Treatment.

Selected for a 6 months on-site trial, NeoBio™ is an advanced microorganism-based biotechnology solution made in France, developed in collaboration with the Louis Pasteur Institute.

When used in municipal wastewater treatment plants, it increases and accelerates treatment capacity, while reducing operating costs at the same time.

Choice factors:

  • NeoBio™ is a 100% natural microorganisms-based solution
  • wide-scope action for quick results and long-term benefits
  • application every 2 weeks only, directly by plant operators
  • easy logistics and handling thanks to solid water-soluble package
  • cost-efficient, fast return on investment

Expected outcome:

  • electricity cost-savings by reducing blower usage in aeration tanks
  • lower maintenance costs by reduced sludge volume, clog-free pipes
  • boosted capacity to compensate for inflow surges, mechanical failures
  • replacement of chemical additives by an eco-friendly product

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