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Frequency Control System


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Thanks to Presona┬┤s smart pre-press technology we are already today offering the probably most energy efficient baler on the market.

With our pre-press technology, the energy input usage is optimized for the compaction process. In our ambition to always improve, not least when it comes to eco-friendliness, we have designed an intelligent system to further reduce energy consumption. From now on we can offer a frequency control system on all our baler models.

In a conventional hydraulic system the electric motor drives the pump with a constant number of revolutions. The pump flow is then always at the highest level that can be required in the work cycle and not considering the real, momentary requirement.

With a frequency control system, the number of revolutions of the motor, is adapted to the current requirement of flow from the pump. This will directly have a positive effect on the energy consumption of the system, as a lower flow gives a reduced energy consumption. Simply – the number of revolutions of the motor is never higher than the actual requirement. Result – an increased energy efficiency and reduced energy costs.

Apart from the energy savings, the frequency control system also gives a softer on and off function which contributes to reduced wear and thus a longer life time of the equipment. A further advantage with the frequency control system is that the start up time, compared to a traditional contactor start up will be minimized. This means that the time before the motor stops when the machine is waiting for material can be much shorter.

The energy reduction compared to a machine without a frequency control system is to a large extent depending on the grade of usage of the capacity of the machine (see the graph).

Frequency Control System

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