FreshAWL™ FUEL-WASH™ Cleans Up Saltwater Oil Spills


Source: FreshAWL, LLC

FreshAWL, LLC Announces a New Solution of FreshAWL™ FUEL-WASH™ Open Water Oil Spill Blend to Assist in the Clean Up of Fresh and Saltwater Oil Spills

This revolutionary new blend from FreshAWLsolutions is the future of an environmentally conscious, fast and cost effective solution in the combined efforts of returning our waters to their natural state.  

Vacaville, CA – May 2010 – FreshAWL, LLC announces the release of FreshAWL ™ FUEL-WASH™ Open Water Oil Spill (OWOS) blend, a new earth conscious (and cost effective) waste treatment solution for open water oil spills. This new blend has been successfully developed to work as a dispersant to prevent oil from clumping and clinging to marine life, equipment, shorelines and structures.

Delivered to oil spills using traditional aircraft applications, the unique properties of FreshAWL™ FUEL-WASH™ OWOS allow it to manipulate mercaptans and breakdown oil in a way that does not harm good bacteria, plant and animal life; while actively seeking out and destroying harmful bacteria. Used in combination with FreshAWL™ Z-FOG™ (Zero Fats, Oils and Grease) this application will break down protein bonds, acting as an oil emulsifier and digester; rendering spilled oil non-adhesive. Tar balls and clumped oil are broken down to increasingly finer particles that are collected as liquid layers, or bio-organically degraded by enzymatic actions.

In addition to effectively and quickly breaking down oil, it is accomplished without harming the environment. Field and lab tests demonstrate that allowing this blend to stay with the oil, the oil molecules are destroyed with no negative impact on marine life. Additionally, FreshAWL™ FUEL-WASH™ OWOS is safe enough to effectively clean oil off of oil-soaked wildlife.

The combined value of the application of FreshAWL™ FUEL-WASH™ OWOS is that it is biodegradable, adheres to development standards of the EPA and DfE certification programs, is non-toxic or corrosive, works in fresh and salt water, removes oil from marine life, sea walls and rocks, is cost effective, and works amazingly fast.

For more detailed information about how this revolutionary FreshAWL™ FUEL-WASH™ OWOS works and to find out about the amazing results from FreshAWL™ Z-FOG™, visit the website or call (888) – 400-FAWL (3295).

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