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JSC «STEKLONiT» has started cooperation with a Croatian partner, one of the leading suppliers of geosynthetic materials and solutions for the construction of roads and railway infrastructure in the Balkans.

This remarkable story about the Russian-Croatian deal was widely reported in the Croatian media. In between games of the Croatian national team and Croatian fans’ moves round hosting cities, the two companies managed to make the first deal to pave the way for long-term cooperation.

The Russian STEKLONiT company, a part of RUSCOMPOZIT group of companies, henceforth supplies its POLISET 40/40-40 geogrids to Croatia. The manufacturing facilities of the company are located in the cities of Ufa and Tver. The first batches of POLISET  geogrids have already been shipped from the Tver site for further use in constructing embankments of Croatian-Slovenian rail-line.

Croatian media say: «During the World Cup, executives of a Croatian company signed a contract with a Russian company STEKLONiT, the leading manufacturer of geosynthetic materials»

“We have ordered the first batches of geogrids for Croatian and Slovenian roads, and thus Russia opened the door into construction of infrastructure facilities of the European Union. I don’t like working with China, decidedly more viable and convenient is nearby and mighty Russia. Besides, I have personally witnessed the Russians’ willingness to cooperate with the Croats, as a matter of fact, in any sphere”, shared his thoughts Mr Anđelka, the chief executive of the Croatian company.

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