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From Waste to Power


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Master Magnets Ltd recently completed a processing plant in Sweden, enabling a company to recycle and reuse their waste packing material as a fuel for a PowerStation.

Sweden contains a number of power stations, providing the local communities with central heating and power for their households. In 2004 there was a power station in Pitea Northern Sweden keen on using an alternative fuel of waste packaging/paper, instead of dumping the packaging waste in local landfill sites.

The power stations main aim was to reduce costs and reduce the amount of waste dumped. So SCA who happen to be the worlds largest packaging manufacturer decided to work with the power station in Pitea to supply them waste paper and packaging. SCA Sweden originally had the problem of not being able to use waste packaging material to fuel the local power stations, due to the size and metal contamination of staples and paper clips.

Master Magnets were able to solve SCA’s problem by building a custom built plant, that cleans the waste packaging free of non ferrous and ferrous metal contamination, and reduces its size so the packaging can be used as a fuel. The plant is now in full operation capable of processing 7 Tonnes per hour, with SCA fuelling their power station at a cheaper cost using waste packaging. The plant provided consists of the following machines:

1. Stainless steel screw conveyor.
2. Master Mag Overband Electro Magnetic Separator.
3. Mono-shear Shredder 50/200 132Kw.
4. Master Mag Eddy Current Separator.
5. Various feed and transfer conveyors.

All of this equipment was quoted, designed and manufactured by Master Magnets in the UK, using our 30 years knowledge and experience in separation to ensure we meet the customer’s demands. Master Magnets Ltd can offer a wide range of products to help solve many problems within the Food, Material handling, Ceramics, Powder, Recycling and Reclamation industries.

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