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Frost & Sullivan recognizes Pavilion Technologies for innovation in the air emission control and monitoring market


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Based on its recent analysis of the air emission control market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Pavilion Technologies, a Rockwell Automation company, with the 2009 North American Frost & Sullivan Industry Innovation & Advancement of the Year Award. Pavilion Technologies leverages the skills of its development team, expert process designs, and cutting-edge patented technology to offer solutions that enhance the overall profitability of clients and maintain high quality standards for emissions regulatory compliance.

Pavilion Technologies provides accurate continuous emissions monitoring and reporting to adhere to the stringent requirements of local, state, national and global regulations and trading programs. Its patented Software CEMĀ® is the first model-based Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS), powered by the Pavilion8 platform, which provides highly accurate measurements of NOx, CO, O2 and other emissions as an alternative to costly hardware-based continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEM).

Pavilion was first-to-market with the introduction of Software CEM in 1992. This is an example of its commitment to innovation. With more than 250 installations, each requiring yearly certification, Software CEM has achieved a track record of 100% compliance. The company maintains a leadership position in mandated emissions monitoring with value-based solutions, unparalleled knowledge and experience, reliability, and a vast customer support system.

Hardware-based CEM sensor technology's product lifecycle, accuracy, and reporting can be greatly compromised with continued exposure to the harsh environment of the smoke stack (i.e., temperature, corrosive materials, etc.). If emissions monitoring falls below the local regulatory agency's 95% uptime (sensor availability) requirement, the erring company may be fined or penalized to substitute maximum emissions records in place of the missing data.

Software CEM, on the other hand, uses model-based software sensors, which are not exposed to these harsh conditions. Its ability to automatically collect, validate and aggregate data helps achieve active compliance in real time, 24 hours a day. This technology is unaffected by product lifecycle or calibration failures associated with hardware-based CEMS and increases reliability to almost 100 percent, making it the 'gold standard' in various North American installations.

'Environmental monitoring and reporting have shifted from manual tracking and Excel-generated spreadsheets to automated approaches that can be verified, validated, and audited,' says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Eric Meliton. 'This development meets the air emissions industry's demand for real time results that are reliable, enhance environmental performance, minimize record-keeping costs, and reduce non-compliance risks.'

Plant managers and environmental specialists across industry segments need dependable monitoring technologies to ensure industry participants do not manipulate emission-trading reports for unethical financial gain. As a result, the industry has searched for alternatives to the traditional hardware-based technology in favor of software with continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS).

'Both Software CEM and our Real-time Environmental Management (REM) software applications provide current and predictive emissions performance for proactive decision-making as well as active compliance,' notes Rich Hovan, Manager of Environmental Solutions, RA-Pavilion.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents its Industry Innovation & Advancement of the Year Award to the company that has proven to be a leader in the industry and through its pioneering technology, sound business strategy, and research efforts, has been successful in moving the state of the industry forward. Its excellence in the field has extended beyond its technical advancements and encompasses a comprehensive view of market participants, resulting in an ongoing improvement in the industry over time. This Award recognizes the company for its broader, more comprehensive participation in the industry and for its contributions to the advancement of the market. To learn more about Pavilion's Software CEM and Real-time Environmental Management Solutions, visit

Frost & Sullivan's Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research in order to identify best practices in the industry.

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