FTS Launches Unique SDI-12 Temperature Sensor


Source: FTS

FTS has launched a new digital submersible temperature sensor. DigiTemp is a simple but effective digital temperature sensor for use in water or soil, and its use of SDI-12 interface makes it unique in the marketplace. The sensor has been tested and approved by the USGS Hydrological Instrumentation Facility (HIF). 

“The release of ‘FTS DigiTemp’ is significant in that it marks the release of the first digital temperature sensor for automated water quality monitoring, filling a much needed void for environmental monitoring organizations that demand utmost simplicity and efficiency.” said David Illing, FTS CEO.

DigiTemp is compatible with virtually every monitoring system already in use, allowing the USGS alone to implement DigiTemp in more than 7,000 stream gauging sites across the US. 

The FTS DigiTemp submersible temperature sensor is a unique rugged digital temperature sensor for measuring the temperature of water, soil or other liquids with scientific-grade accuracy. Because it’s compatible with any SDI-12-compliant datalogger, it makes adding automatic temperature monitoring to new or existing stations incredibly easy and cost-effective.

“DigiTemp is a huge win for us in that it carries forward our legacy of delivering operational simplicity to hydrologists and technicians—products that solve problems elegantly by eliminating complexity—and meeting ” added Illing. 

Temperature is a fundamental and critical property of water and many aquatic organisms are extremely sensitive to the changes in the solubility of oxygen brought about by warmer water temperatures. Therefore, accurate data are requisite in the monitoring of the relative health of water.

The beauty of this groundbreaking product lies in its sheer simplicity of use. With no complex wiring and no need to program coefficients, DigiTemp users can simply plug it in and leave it. This reduces the need for training, increases the reliability of temperature data by eliminating installation errors and dramatically reduces the amount of time spent at the site.

About Forest Technology Systems (FTS)

Since 1980, FTS weather and water monitoring stations have proven themselves under the most demanding conditions—from the most remote northern regions of arctic Canada to the sun-beaten, wind-blown salt and sand of the Mexican coast.

From their design and manufacturing center in Victoria BC, FTS have established themselves as world leaders in the creation of rugged and reliable environmental monitoring equipment. To discover more about FTS and the DigiTemp SDI-12 submersible temperature sensor visit www.ftshydrology.com


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