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Full speed ahead to Guyana


Needed in a hurry, our latest general and medical waste management incinerator

There are some projects where time is not the most important issue.  On the other hand, we frequently receive orders where the delivery deadline is almost as critical as the specifications of the waste management incinerator we have been commissioned to build.  This latest project for a skid-mounted Surefire® SF150 was urgently required for installation on site in Guyana and thanks to our unrivalled experience, skills and resources – and at very short notice – this week we were able to dispatch the much-needed waste management incinerator on its long voyage to South America.

Although the specification was for an SF150 designed to burn general and medical waste, the project was being handled in partnership with Chapman Services who were providing an ancillary dry flue gas treatment plant.  Consequently, it was vital that the Surefire® waste management incinerator we constructed was designed with the appropriate modifications.  These included an off-take in the exhaust ductwork that would enable connection into the flue gas treatment plant.  In addition, the specifications also included a primary chamber under-pressure controller, which along with other key signals would accurately interface with the onboard abatement system.

The SF150, which is from our Surefire® waste incineration portfolio, is part of what is one of the world’s most respected fixed hearth waste management incinerator ranges.  It is engineered in compliance with the most exacting technical, legal and environmental standards with a long-lasting heavy steel shell incorporating a 1600°C refractory and high-efficiency calcium silicate insulation system.  Other key features include a full size interlocked load/ash door, high-grade refractory lined chimney and fully proven pressured combustion system to ensure the efficient destruction of emissions.

The skid-mounted option also means that the entire SF150 waste management incinerator can be efficiently lifted for ease of transport, on-site installation or should future relocation become an important requirement.

The SF150 waste management incinerator in now en-route to its South American destination where Chapman Services will be waiting to complete the urgently required installation and commissioning.

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