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Furuya Metal selects Tetronics Plasma Technology to recover platinum group metals from waste catalysts


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London -- The technology will be used to reclaim high levels of Platinum Group Metals from chemical, automotive and other industrial waste catalysts.

Tetronics Ltd., the global leader in the supply of Direct Current (DC) plasma waste recovery plants for the treatment of hazardous waste and metal recovery, today announced that it has been selected by Furuya Metal Co. Ltd., Japan to supply a new plasma system for the reclamation of Platinum Group Metals (PGM’s) from spent catalysts.

Preparations for the project are now underway and the plasma recovery plant will be delivered to Japan in early 2013. Following comprehensive due-diligence, including test work at Tetronics comprehensive UK trials facility, the plant will allow technical recovery rates in excess of 98% of PGM’s from the spent catalysts.

Catalyst wastes, including automotive catalytic converters and industrial catalysts, for example from the chemical and petrochemical industries, contain Precious Metals and specifically the PGMs that are valuable as a result of their low natural abundance, unique properties and the complex processes that are required for their extraction and refining from primary sources.

The principal advantages of Tetronics patented plasma technology are that it couples the highest technical recovery/operational flexibility with the lowest environmental impacts and cost base. The process chemistry in Tetronics’ plasma waste recovery technology is designed to smelt and preferentially separate the precious metals from the less valuable material, which is vitrified into an inert, safe reusable product called Plasmarok®, in a single processing step. The technology will also destroy any hazardous organic material, such as dioxins etc. that may be contained within the waste material.

Speaking about the project, Furuya comments;

“We selected Tetronics as they are considered the world leader in the supply of plasma systems and have extensive experience in the delivery of metal recovery solutions specifically designed for the recovery of PGMs from catalyst wastes.”

Stephen Davies, CEO for Tetronics comments;

“We are delighted to be working with Furuya Metals on this project, it is an application we know very well and we have a number of systems that have been running for many years. Our objective on the project is to ensure Furuya maximises their return from the plant as well as providing them with a competitive advantage that the recovery performance makes possible.”

About Furuya Metal Co., Ltd.
FURUYA METAL produces industrial-use precious metal products, employing rare and valuable precious metals belonging to platinum group metals (PGM), including platinum (Pt), iridium (Ir) and ruthenium (Ru). These precious metals are extremely difficult to work with, which is why the number of industrial precious metal manufacturers specializing in PGM worldwide is limited.

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