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Fusion of technologies enhances current metal analysis capabilities


25 years experience is built in to SPECTROLAB, arguably the most advanced instrument for metals analysis currently available. Innovations in optical design, sample excitation and data handling combine to provide superb analytical performance and flexibility for the most demanding applications.

The heart of SPECTROLAB is a unique hybrid optical system that combines improved, high performance CCD detectors and up to 108 photomultipliers in a single high resolution spectrometer. The two detection systems can be used seamlessly together, combining excellent detection limits and total flexibility, including the ability to handle demanding applications like single-spark measurements and time-resolved spectroscopy. Stability over the full wavelength range of 120-780nm and exceptional far-UV performance are achieved with precise temperature stabilisation and SPECTRO’s proven UV-PLUS sealed argon system.

SPECTROLAB’s sample excitation system, the “Plasma Generator” is the first to use completely digital technology, achieving a much more stable energy output.  This results in significantly improved analytical precision and has also enabled measurement times to be reduced, with some standard routine analyses being completed in around 18 seconds. The redesigned spark stand has minimised inner chamber volume, giving more efficient removal of sample condensate for reduced maintenance and low argon consumption.

The advanced readout system can handle the vast amount of data from both CCD and PMT detectors simultaneously. Not only can the entire spectrum be displayed after each run, ideal for the analysis of unknown or new materials, but the signals from the photomultiplier tubes can be individually processed to suit applications like time-resolved spectroscopy.

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