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GA3000 PLUS - Continuous monitoring for cost-effective protection


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A fixed gas detection system protects you and your assets as it is designed to reduce the time usually taken to manually asses a potentially explosive area. Furthermore, it is easier and more cost effective to maintain than portable gas detection as it is less susceptible to loss and damage.

Geotech’s GA3000 PLUS is a robust fixed analyser that helps customers do that and more. It monitors CH4, CO2 and O2 with the additional option to measure H2S, H2 and CO. Its multi-point sampling enables users to monitor up to three gas sample points with monitoring ranges from 0-50 ppm to 0-10,000 ppm for improved accuracy. It also delivers 4-20mA outputs for each gas while ensuring clean air purge.

An internal sensor can be used alongside these external sensors to measure pre- and post- desulphurisation. Pre-calibrated sensors, that prevent system downtime, are also available to users as required.

The GA3000 PLUS comes equipped with a large and clear backlit screen that shows 'at a glance' monitoring values, making it easy for busy technicians to monitor levels whilst they are on the go. The screen has a light to maximise visibility in lowlight conditions. As an added feature, the GA3000 PLUS comes with a compact self-contained system and IP65-rated stainless steel enclosure. Geotech also offers other optional features such as profibus communication and auto-drain pump for moisture removal with GA3000 PLUS.

Its ATEX-certified heater is used to avoid condensation problems, increasing the lowest operating temperature from 0°C to -20°C, while its moisture filter is a standard fit that is designed to prevent damage from water ingress and condensation. The automatic drain option is also available to remove the catchpot automatically, offering flexibility for onsite maintenance.

There are various communication options are available to the GA3000 PLUS’ SCADA system, including 4-20mA outputs and Modbus, Profibus or Ethernet. Additionally, the system is designed to avoid unnecessary downtime as customers can return the sensor unit to their local service agent for servicing and receive a temporary replacement unit. The GA3000 PLUS only needs to be calibrated every six months, allowing users to enjoy low sensor replacement frequency and cost.

Ultimately, the GA3000 PLUS offers 24-hour monitoring capabilities that reduces dependency on onsite personnel and provides assurance that key areas are being monitored and protected at all times. Beyond that, it also provides a safeguard to your business by detecting anomalies. When these anomalies are detected early and rectified, it could prevent personnel asphyxiation, poisoning and potential explosions or fire.

For more information or to request a quote for the GA3000 PLUS, please visit www.geotechuk.com or call +44(0)1926 338111.

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