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Galway City Council Fights Mounting Litter Levels with Cutting Edge IoT Technology Solution


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Galway City Council in the Republic of Ireland have installed 50 solar powered IoT SolarStreetBinTM litter bins from PEL Waste Reduction Equipment as a follow-up to a successful trial of IoT litter bin technology in 2018.

Galway City Council have completed the installation of 50 SolarStreetBin™ litter bins in a bid to fight the mounting volumes of litter across the city. The bins, commissioned after an extended trial over the busy 2018 summer holiday season, hold up to ten times the quantity of litter compared to a standard bin and are equipped with sensor and communications technologies which notify the Council when the bins need to be emptied. This high-technology solution will increase the efficiency of litter collections whilst at the same time reducing collections traffic and its associated emissions and ultimately deliver cleaner streets for the citizens and visitors to Galway City.

The SolarStreetBinTM is a heavy duty vandal proof IoT litter bin manufactured by PEL Waste Reduction Equipment in Ireland. The product is supplied with a built-in solar powered, compaction system that compresses the waste in a standard 120 Litre wheelie bin located inside the bin itself. A bin-fill sensor monitors litter levels within the SolarStreetBinTM and reports this data to the cloud-based BriteBinTM data management dashboard also provided by PEL Waste Reduction Equipment. The monitoring and reporting capability afforded by the BriteBinTM technology allows Galway City Council to focus its collection resources on only those bins requiring service thus cutting collections traffic, associated emissions from this traffic and an overall reduction of litter collection costs.

BriteBin™ is the PEL Waste Reduction Equipment cloud-based wireless monitoring application which integrates seamlessly with the fill-level sensor mounted on each SolarStreetBinTM. The software is a robust telemetric system which has been extensively tested in the field under a number of different conditions-of-use and provides an overview of operations. BriteBin™ is accessed remotely through a web portal and offers cutting-edge technology to enhance bin monitoring, optimise collection routes and improve the efficiencies of the litter bin emptying service throughout Galway City.

Tommy Griffith of PEL Waste Reduction Equipment stated,

We are pleased to be working with Galway City Council on this project and look forward to delivering significant value to the litter collection service via our SolarStreetBinTM and BriteBinTM technologies in the years ahead.

A spokesman from Galway City Council added,

'Access to the BriteBin™ dashboard gives Galway City Council complete visibility on litter-levels within all the bins installed in this programme. The technology alerts us when the bins need to be emptied so this will put an end to any overflowing bins and the associated expensive clean-ups'

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment is an ISO9001 accredited company and manufactures a range of bin compactors, bottle crushers and balers which are all CE Certified.

About PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment based in Balla, Co. Mayo is a leading manufacturer of bottle crushers, bin compactors, vertical balers and IoT litter bins serves a global customer base via offices in Ireland, the UK and a network of international distributors.  The SolarStreetBinTM is the latest addition to the product range and adds to PEL’s recognition as leading innovator in the waste reduction market.

About Galway City Council

Galway City Council is the authority responsible for local government in the city of Galway in Ireland. The council is responsible for housing and community, roads and transportation, urban planning and development, amenity and culture, and environment and has 18 elected members.


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