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Gas chromatography coupled to mass spectroscopy


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ChromatotecTM has increased its expertise in gas analysis and its field of analyzers by developing a new GC/MS analyzer for continuous VOC surveillance in the atmosphere.

This system uses the same trap, thermo desorption and separation technologies as current GCs analyzers. However, a Quadrupole is used in addition to the FID.

 The FID quantifies and identifies according to the retention time, whereas, the mass spectroscopy analyzer identifies compounds using a comprehensive database.

The combination of these two detectors has resulted in an improvement in gas analysis expertise. This system is designed for industrial application. The instrument may be inserted in a 19’’ rack and can be controlled remotely from another computer. It will now be possible to analyze a new range of compounds with this system.

 Currently, a demonstration instrument is running in our laboratory and analyzing VOC in the atmosphere. For this arrangement, a calibration system is used along with a zero air and a hydrogen generator.

Possible applications include monitoring of VOCs (BTEX, phenol, etc), PAH (benzo(a)pyrene), chloride compounds (chlorobenzene and PCB) and dioxin.

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