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Gas generators with a talent for saving time, money and wastage


For over 30 years, LNI Swissgas has been developing hydrogen, nitrogen and air generators with an environmental commitment to reducing energy consumption, an important consideration that is often neglected on similar equipment.

LNI Swissgas’ gas generators are also developed with a technology that enables on-demand gas generation for no gas waste and remote maintenance to reduce travel to their locations and their environmental impacts. These generators are also equipped with a standby function to reduce energy consumption.

To produce nitrogen or pure air, the ambient air needs to be compressed and filtered with specific filters. Today’s state of the art generators use piston compressors working around the clock at full power, even when no filtration is taking place. LNI Swissgas has developed a new technology consisting of a motor compressor with electrical inverter. With this innovative method, operators can reduce the speed of the motor at the minimum level and consequently save about 20% of energy.

Finally, the maintenance of LNI Swissgas compressors has been significantly reduced. Piston compressor technology usually needs complete replacement of the complete compressor unit after 8,000 hours of operation. With LNI’s technology, the first service (usually consisting of a simple o-ring replacement) needs to be performed after 24,000 hours, which has a very positive impact on material wastage, time spent on service and maintenance and saving money for the end user. LNI have attained ISO 14001 certification which further highlights their commitment to safeguarding the environment.

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