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Gasmet highlights novel applications for FTIR gas analysis at Achema 2015


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The Gasmet stand at ACHEMA, C53 in hall 11.1, will focus on the wide variety of applications for which FTIR gas analysis is now being applied, and will feature an innovative technology for the characterisation of paints and coatings. Traditional applications for FTIR include stack gas and process monitoring, in addition to occupational safety and environmental investigations. However, the Gasmet stand will feature the new PCM (Photochemistry Monitoring System), and the instrument will be described in one of the event’s seminars.

Photoactive pigments are able to remove airborne pollutants when subjected to light, and the Gasmet PCM (Photochemistry Monitoring System) has been developed to measure the effectiveness of different coating formulations. With the ability to measure multiple compounds simultaneously, the PCM measures decreasing concentrations of introduced solvents and increasing levels of degeneration gases such as CO and CO2. Early users of the technology have commented that it has dramatically increased the speed with which they are able to assess coating formulations in comparison with typical weathering tests.

The seminar on photocatalytic measurement will take place on 17th June 2015 at 17:20 hours within the Congress topic: 'PRAXISforum - Innovative Process Analytical Technology.’

The Gasmet stand will also feature the company’s portable and fixed stack/process monitoring analyzers, in addition to a unique portable ambient FTIR analyzer, the Gasmet DX4040, which is employed in applications such as major incident investigations, chemical spill, hazmat, security, forensic investigations, occupational health, anaesthetic gases, compressed air, fumigation, research and many others.

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