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GBP 500 rewards for residents to report on fly-tippers


Source: Materials Recycling Week

Residents living in Waltham Forest in north London will get cash for reporting fly-tippers and other criminal activities such as dog-fouling and littering.

Neighbours are being offered rewards up to £500 as a “thank you” if they are willing to provide a statement and give evidence in court after reporting “enviro-criminals”.

A Waltham Forest Council spokesman said: “If people see someone fly-tipping from a white van, for example, then we want them to write down the number plate and get a description of the person and they can receive a reward.

“We are trying to encourage civic pride and stop people dumping rubbish in the streets.

“It’s like reporting a hit and run incident to the police.”

The council spend £3.5 million a year in cleaning up the streets and the reward scheme could be copied by local authorities across the country. The council will pay the following amounts for information leading to a summons of prosecution and or conviction:

  • Summons issued for prosecution: £100
  • Conviction: £150
  • Maximum sentence on conviction: £500.

The Waltham Forest Council spokesman said: “It is a problem for all London boroughs not just us. But we have been seen as a soft touch as people from other London boroughs have been dumping rubbish in our back yard.”

If an enviro-crime is being committed Waltham Forest residents are also being encouraged to take photographs of the criminals and provide as much information as possible which could be used as evidence to enable the council to prosecute.

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