GEA Filtration replacement membrane and service program


Source: GEA Filtration

GEA Filtration is one of the largest suppliers of sanitary process membranes. We do not manufacture membranes but rather we apply the correct membranes to each application.

The market for membranes is very different from complex filtration systems. What really matters with membranes is price, availability/choice, efficient delivery, and qualified service teams. We have a significant inventory, unrivalled global purchasing power means that we can offer attractive prices; and our large international network helps ensure timely deliveries and professional service.

GEA Filtration will display different types of membrane at Pack Expo 2013 to highlight their membrane maintenance program.

Our program ensures the longest life and maximum quality products from your membrane filtration system. GEA service engineers can inspect and calculate the performance of your membrane system. We provide full documentation, a membrane tracking service, as well as other necessary functions to keep your system performing optimally.

GEA Filtration stocks the most common membranes in all sizes at all our major facilities, including stainless steel membranes, ceramic membranes, and polymeric spiral wound membranes.

About GEA Filtration

GEA Filtration is world renowned for its custom designs of the most advanced cross-flow membrane filtration systems that utilize the technologies of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, or reverse osmosis for each customer's specific application. GEA Filtration has extensive expertise in pilot trials, application development, systems scale-up, project engineering, process integration, fabrication, installation and start-up, as well as service and membrane replacement

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