Genesis Water Technologies Introduces New Product Line of Water Purification Systems Powered by Renewable Solar Technology


Source: Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

Orlando, FL - Genesis Water Technologies, Inc., a US based supplier of water treatment, filtration, purification equipment and components worldwide is proud to introduce the new GWT(tm) series renewable solar energy powered ultra filtration and RO system product lines. These systems are based on the synergistic combination of proven photovoltaic cell technology and advanced ultra filtration and RO water technologies.

The new GWT series ultrafiltration systems and reverse osmosis systems are capable of serving a wide range of applications including providing clean water for condo communities, resorts, environmentally friendly commercial & municipal facilities, remote work camps/parks/remote areas, disaster emergency relief, humanitarian efforts, relief organizations, and the armed forces.

The GWT(tm) water purification systems can operate totally independent of electric or water grid systems, providing a sustainable clean water solution in areas were there is little or no existing infrastructure available. The systems rugged design, durable construction, and high efficiency solar charged batteries provide energy for consistent water production throughout the day. The GWT(tm) systems can be used in a fixed application or mobile application via a mobility trailer. The systems are well suited for polluted surface water sources, brackish well water and sea water desalination applications.

Filtered water quality is imperative for the prevention of water borne diseases. The GWT(tm) series water purification systems provides safe, high quality water at an inexpensive cost per gallon. In fact, the average cost of water produced by these solar powered systems is less than one cent per gallon.

The GWT ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems have standard capacities of 4.5 gpm, 13 gpm, and 22 gpm. These systems are designed to meet the clients specific water conditions. In addition, custom systems are offered to meet their customers particular capacity requirements.

“Genesis Water Technologies is excited about the introduction of the new GWT(tm) series water purification systems using environmentally friendly sustainable solar energy technology' said Nick Nicholas, Sales Manager for Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. 'The recent addition of these new system offerings, demonstrates Genesis Water Technologies continued commitment to listening and responding to our clients needs for clean water, by providing new and unique water treatment, filtration and purification products on a consistent basis.'

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