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Genesol Microbubble range expanded


Source: Genesys International Limited

Genesys Managing Director Steve Chesters is pleased to announce the launch of two new Genesol cleaning products. These new formulations are based on our extremely successful powdered 700 series microbubble technology cleaners. They have been under development and testing by the Genesys team for over a year and have proved highly efficient at the removal of organics, clays and biofouling from RO membrane elements both in the laboratory and in the field

Genesol 734 Alkaline Powdered cleaning product with microbubble cleaning technology, due to increased costs of transporting hazardous chemicals and the associated Health & Safety issues we have developed this product to be classified as non-hazardous for transport while maintaining its cleaning efficiency.

Genesol 764 Alkaline Powdered cleaner which does not contain EDTA, we have replaced this traditional chemistry with a biodegrade able sequestrant and environmentally friendly chelant. This product is also classified as non-hazardous for transport

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