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Geosynthetics for Sustainable Development’ video speaks to ILT’s mission


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International Geosynthetics Society’s new video “Geosynthetics for Sustainable Development” perfectly expresses International Lining Technology mission for “containment solutions for a better world.”

The video, produced by the IGS education committee, asks “What defines quality of life?” and how geosynthetics are part of discussion around sustainability as we, as an industry, tackle the problems of growth globally.

Geosynthetics, such as geomembranes, clay liners, geonets and drainage geocomposites, geotexitiles and geogrids, are a critical part of infrastructure projects. According the the video, they help improve road construction, better evaporation and erosion control, provide environmental protection and offer better protection to civil, geotechnical and environmental infrastructures.

Please check out the video, and let us know what you think of it.

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