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Geotech launches new portable landfill gas analyser


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The new Geotech GA5000 portable landfill gas analyser arrives in Jan 2012 with a colour-screen and a 3-year warranty. Up-to-the-minute as a new-generation analyser, the GA5000 has mobile phone-style intuitive menus, tactile buttons and it is fast, small and light. With a clear, full-colour, daylight-readable screen in several language choices, the GA5000 is about 25 percent smaller and lighter than the GA2000 which it supersedes. Advances include greater accuracy to ± 0.5 percent. The GA5000 measures up to six gases without external pods. The three standard gases are methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2). Additional gas options include hydrogen-compensated carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) at high- or low-ranges. The GA5000 holds 2000 IDs, 4000 readings and 2000 events. Analysis response time is halved to just 10 seconds, saving operator time. With the GPS/navigator borehole-finder option and Geotech Gas Analyser Manager (GAM) software, efficiency can be greatly increased and new users can quickly find boreholes and measure gas accurately. With GAM software a week’s data is downloaded in seconds using a Geotech-supplied USB cable. Until 31 March 2012, buyers of GPS or GAM receive both for the price of one.

At the press of a button, anyone can see context-sensitive operational and user calibration assistance. These technical help screens explain what to do next. Users can pick up a GA5000, select a language and use it with just a brief look at the manual. The mobile phone-style keypad and screen make data entry easy.

The GA5000 has evolved from earlier models and uses the latest tried and tested technology for in-field biogas analysis. Its development is based on 22-years’ experience by Geotech in design, manufacture and service of portable landfill gas analysers – and on vitally important feedback from customers and users. That specialist experience combines to deliver dependable reliability and the latest in user-requested operational functionality. On the GA5000 functionality choices include the option of internal flow measurement.

Geotech is responding to growing demand for landfill analysers in many countries to comply with environment agencies’ operational requirements and to an increasing focus on extracting landfill gas (LFG). The extracted LFG is used either to generate electricity as renewable energy or to burn in flares to destroy methane, a dangerous ‘greenhouse gas’. Both LFG extraction activities can earn valuable carbon credits.

To maximise LFG extraction management from numerous boreholes and achieve optimal energy management, Geotech is also launching the new GEM5000. It measures flow of some 5000 m³/hour and calculates calorific value (KW or BTU). The GEM5000 assists operators to optimally adjust valves and manifolds to provide the best possible gas to CHP engines through improved management of the landfill gas field. It has all of the gas monitoring capability of the GA5000, so technicians with the GEM5000 need only one LFG analyser on site.

User-driven improvements include all inlet ports now at the top of the GA5000 and GEM5000. Both models meet UK and international certification standards including ISO 17025, ATEX and IECEx. Meeting IECEx is a UK ‘first’. Operational costs are reduced and fewer replacement filters needed. User calibration is really easy with menu-driven, easy-to-follow on-screen instructions and the event log, now standard, records calibration data automatically. To suit users worldwide the extended operational temperature range is now -10 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Geotech GA5000 and GEM5000 users can have their gas analyser upgraded from the originally selected and purchased specification to be able to measure other gases and parameters as their landfill gas measurement needs change. The GA5000 and GEM5000 are supplied with a hard carry case and a user manual on a CD.

Geotech will hold an open day to demonstrate the new GA5000 and GEM5000 on Thursday, 2nd Feb 2012 at its UK base in Leamington Spa.

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