GEOVARIANCES more than ever involved in nuclear safety


Source: Geovariances

GEOVARIANCES activity in nuclear sector was initiated in 2004 with the acquisition of several ISATIS licenses by CEA (French Atomic Energy Authority), ONDRAF (Belgian Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials) and JRC Ispra in Italy.

Besides, GEOVARIANCES conducted pilot studies, training courses and on-site technical support. Tackled issues have been numerous: characterization of contaminated soils, software solutions through modules for data processing (KarToTrak – see over), optimization of sampling strategy in contaminated concretes of installations to be dismantled, hydrogeological modelling of various sites, atmospheric dispersion, radon mapping...

In 2006, GEOVARIANCES also won the call for tender issued by ONDRAF about the hydrogeological modelling of geologic formations which are being studied for the burying of radioactive waste. Also, training and consulting projects have been recently completed for AREVA and EDF.

Development perspectives are still encouraging in 2008. On the environmental side, we are still developing agreements with partners to promote our leading technology:
- with CEA for the characterization of radiological contamination and decommissioning of nuclear facilities;
- with Club Ademe International for the characterization of contaminated soils.

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