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Did you know that Sterlitech offers 16 different material types of microporous membrane and media disk filters?  The available combinations of materials, pore, and disk sizes, equates to well over 1000 unique filters.  To many, that may sound like an overwhelming selection to choose from, whether you’re unsure where to start, have narrowed down your selection to one or a few material types, or have a clear range of pore sizes to stay within for optimal separation; in any case, we can help to further refine your selection.

“That’s great!” you say and “I would like to test several different filter options, but I don’t want to buy standard packs of up to 100 disk filters, when I only need a few filters for my evaluation.”  Don’t worry; we still have you covered. 

Sterlitech offers sample packs of our most popular membrane disk filters. Each sample pack is material specific, and come with 5 pairs of disk filters (10 total); you select the diameter and pore size for each pair.  The sample packs allow you to test a variety of filter options at minimal cost as needed to identify the most optimal filters for your application.  Once you have determined the best fit, it’s easy to purchase standard filter packs, which are more economical on a cost per filter basis.

The sample packs offer disk filter diameters of 13mm, 25mm and 47mm.  These are the most common filter diameters that we offer and are applicable for most evaluations.  However, if you need a different size for your evaluation, don’t fret.  Please contact us and we will be glad to make arrangements for you to purchase sample filters in a size that is suitable for your needs.

You might be thinking, “I appreciate the flexibility with sample sizes, but what if I want to evaluate a membrane material that is not offered in the sample packs? If you still need to evaluate a material that is not listed, please contact us and we will certainly do our best to accommodate your request.  In most cases, we can arrive at a sample filter solution that is mutually beneficial.

Order your sample packs today and discover the filter that is just right for you.

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