Getting TUFF on industrial health risks!


Source: Casella

Casella CEL is expanding its portfolio of dust monitoring instrumentation with the launch of a new personal air sampling pump for occupational and industrial hygiene roles. TUFF by name and tough by design, the pump is designed to be belt -worn by staff to measure their exposure to dust as well as fumes, gases or vapours.  It compliments the popular APEX range of pumps, which will continue to be aimed at niche applications.

The competitively priced range comes in three models; TUFF, TUFF Plus and TUFF Pro which will satisfy specific sampling requirements and methodologies, from simple abatement monitoring to more detailed, pre-programmable sampling regimes with report generation.  Benefits of this latest development include intelligent battery technology, which offers a fast charge NiMH battery and “fuel gauge” which provides even greater user feedback.

The design is extremely rugged with a durable fully over moulded finish and its high IP rating will protect against the ingress of unwanted moisture and dust, which means that it’s suitable for even the most hostile of industrial environments.  Simple menu navigation, outstanding run times and performance means this new range provides excellent functionality and value for money.

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