, Inc. provides its innovative cleaning systems to South Korea


Source:, Inc., Inc. of  Beaverton Oregon, manufacturer's of innovative cleaning systems, has provided a WeirWasher Automated Cleaning System  for a new secondary clairifier at the Goseong Plant in South Korea.   The work was completed by employees of AsiaPacific Water Technology  headquartered in Yongdungpo-gu, Seoul.  This is the first of a planned series of similar joint ventures with AsiaPacific Water Technology in South Korea.

The WeirWasher concept provides a rotary high impact water spray over the entire surface of the critical algae growth areas.  The rotational spray approach allows full surface debris control with minimal water usage.  The system's various design options will accommodate any tank configuration so that it may be installed on existing or newly constructed tanks. The light weight design of the spray system provide an additional benefits over other high weight, contact mechanisms which impart significant torque and wear on the rotary drive, drag on the tank structures, and requires additional counterweights.

WeirWasher is automated by a timer or SCADA system, further reducing the time required by operations staff to accomplish the frequent and hazardous job of manually cleaning algae growth and debris collection. Generally, the units are operated 5-10 hours per day, typically when influent flow is low.  WeirWasher's  straight forward mechanical design uses simple, reliable elements including proven agricultural grade rotary bearings and nozzles, require minimal maintenance and are easily accessible.  These systems have been customized in  applications both in the US and internationally. For more information see

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