Global launch at RWM show in Birmingham


Source: Vecoplan AG

VEZ 2500 – The new RDF heavy duty shredder made in Germany

Bad Marienberg -- VECOPLAN, the company in the field of environmental technology located in the Westerwald, developed a heavy duty re-shredder with high performance, the VEZ 2500 (VECOPLAN RDF shredder), which is best suitable for RDF generation out of production and sorting residues. Additionally the VEZ 2500 is the perfect shredder to generate the high caloric fraction out of domestic and municipal solid waste, which is used in cement and power plant as an energy source.

Once again VECOPLAN sets a clearly mark with that innovation and extends its international market leadership in the field of shredding technology, which already lasts for over 4 decades. VECOPLANs innovation sets new trends at the market.

The VECOPLAN Re-Shredder is a robust and compact single-shaft shredder for shredding of pre-shredded ferrous/non-ferrous and air classified recyclables. The high-performance shredding unit stands out due to maximum throughput capacity, energy-saving shredding process and easy accessible maintenance.

The VECOPLAN high-performance shredding unit consists of a large cylindrical solid steel rotor and two solid counter knives with double number of cuts per rotation for highest performance at very homogeneous output particle structure. The rotor tooth cutters consist of hardened single cutters, usability up to four times, V-shape form-close fit for easy replacement and low maintenance and operating costs.

The counter knives consist of six individual segments, usability up to four times, individually adjustable from the outside. Very small cutting gap reducing heat-up and guaranteeing for energysaving shredding with maximum throughput capacity. Quick rotor replacement by flanged shaft extension without removing bearing and drive for reduced maintenance costs and increased availability.

THE VEZ 2500 is provided with the HiTorc-drive unit, a revolutionary drive without gear with speed controllable HiTorc motor, almost maintenance free and noiseless, and advanced frequency converter technology, starting currents, efficiency and torque are optimized for an energy-efficient and economic shredding process.

The current peaks can be adjusted and limited, resulting in lower energy costs compared to conventional drives. The very high torque which is available for the entire speed range allows a smooth start-up under load and fast and dynamic reverse actions at overload with unlimited reverse frequency thus most suitable for difficult, tenacious material.

The almost maintenance free and high torque HiTorc-drive unit with 247 kW motor power replaces high-maintenance drive elements like belt drive, turbo coupling friction and/or gear drive.

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