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Global launch of new Gas Endeavour


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Today, Bioprocess Control announced the global launch of its new Gas Endeavour, an instrument for low gas volume and flow measurement with high accuracy and precision. Developed over the past two years, the Gas Endeavour marks a significant evolution in our existing technology that has already become the preferred solution around the world.

Bioprocess Control Sweden AB was founded in 2005. With the company’s co-founder and lead inventor, Dr. Jing Liu as the CEO, the company has developed into a successful company that brings to market nearly 20 years of industry leading research in the area of smart analytical instruments for various biotechnology related applications. The company’s flagship product, the Automatic Methane Potential Test System (AMPTS), has become the preferred analytical instrument around the world for conducing various anaerobic batch fermentation tests. Bioprocess Control’s product portfolio offers analytical solutions to academic and industrial actors working with biogas, wastewater and organic wastes for low gas volume and flow measurements.

Building upon the success of the AMPTS II and other exciting products, the company has developed a new smart instrument - Gas Endeavour - that provides users with improved user experience and functionalities such as a modular design for easy upgrading and maintenance, a flexible system configuration with different measuring resolutions, and simultaneous measurement of gas volume, flow and composition in real-time. Dr. Jing Liu  commented: “The new Gas Endeavour is the result of intense technology development at Bioprocess Control over the past two years. It is a novel platform for both anaerobic and aerobic batch fermentation tests and has the potential of becoming a global standard apparatus for carrying out various fermentation and microbial respiration tests, in vitro analyses and more. We are happy that the market has already reacted very positively to the prototype of Gas Endeavour this autumn and we are certain this smart instrument will further strengthen our position in terms of functionality, value for money and customer support in the years to come.'

As a new member of Bioprocess Control’s product portfolio, Gas Endeavour will be a valuable solution for anyone needing to measure low volume and flows of any type of gas with a high demand on accuracy and precision.  

About Bioprocess Control

Bioprocess Control AB ( is a market leader in the area of low gas flow analytical instruments for biotechnology related applications. We invest in innovation and the development of smart instruments that allow for more efficient, reliable and higher quality research and analysis, leading to a significant reduction in time and labour. We ensure the highest product quality throughout our portfolio and focus on being service minded and always meeting the needs of our customers.

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