Global Micronutrient Market by Type, Form, Application Mode, Crop type and Geography


Micronutrients are essential elements that are used for growth and regulation of plant’s vital physiological activities. Though these are required in trace amounts, they are as important as macronutrients. Globally, agriculture micronutrients application has gained importance in the recent past due to its effectiveness on overall quality and productivity of crops. The deficiency of micronutrients has increased worldwide due to intensive cropping pattern, extensive use of chemical fertilizers, mining of micronutrient reserves, and extensive irrigation facilities. Soil deficient in micronutrients affects plant growth and yield. To replenish micronutrients requirement at crop level, crops are applied with micronutrients according to nutrient deficiency and specific requirement. Agriculture micronutrient market growth has increased to a significant extent because of increasing global micronutrient deficiency in soil and industrialization leading to shrinkage in world’s agricultural land.

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Scope of the report

This report focuses on the global agriculture micronutrient market. This research categorizes the global agriculture micronutrients market on the basis of types, application modes, forms, crop types, and geography:

On the basis of Geography

North AmericaEuropeAsia-PacificRest of the World

On the basis of Types:

ZincBoronManganeseMolybdenumCopperIronOthers (Chlorine, nickel, cobalt)

On the basis of Application modes:

Soil (direct)FertigationFoliarOthers (Seed treatment and hydroponics)

On the basis of Crop types:

CerealsOil seeds and pulsesFruits and vegetablesOthers (Floriculture, plantation, etc.)

On the basis of Forms:


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