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GlobalSpec Water Quality & Water Reclamation Online Event Draws 1,400


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Attendees learned about the latest technologies and solutions in the water and wastewater industry via educational sessions, exhibitor content

EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The March 30 GlobalSpec “Water Quality & Water Reclamation” online event drew more than 1,400 participants, who learned the newest trends driving change in today’s water/wastewater industry, including resource management, treatment, supply and distribution. This online event was the latest in a series of GlobalSpec events that offer attendees targeted opportunities to discover new products, technologies and applications from leading manufacturers and gain valuable knowledge on developments relevant to their industry and profession.

“Like all our online events, our recent Water Quality & Water Reclamation event allowed participants to benefit from the latest news and trends, delivered from keynote speakers who are experts in their respective industries, and to interact with manufacturers in the event’s Exhibit Hall,” said Chris Chariton, senior vice president of product management & supplier marketing for GlobalSpec.

Speakers and topics at the event included:

  • Comparing Rapid Microbiological Measurement Techniques: David R. Tracey, Product Applications Manager, LuminUltra Technologies, Ltd. – This presentation explored the most effective methods of microbiological testing for water quality programs.
  • Water Hardness, Residential Energy, and Water Efficiency: Dr. Tanya Lubner, Director of Education & Certification, Water Quality Association – To reduce the environmental impact of residential energy and water use, consumers are switching to high-efficiency appliances and low-flow fixtures, but failure to address water hardness can undermine the benefits they offer.
  • Electronic Water Counters vs. Mechanical Water Counters: Richard Lowrie, Water & Wastewater Industry Manager, KROHNE, Inc. – The economical and technical lifetime of an electromagnetic water meter can be 20 years or more; battery-powered wireless meter reading, furthermore, saves the high costs of manual reading and can be used to rapidly identify meter failure, vandalism or tampering.
  • Aluminum Remediation in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills: Vincent Calder, Research & Development Consultant, Chemtech-Engineering – Despite conventional wisdom, municipal solid waste landfills are not inert; they are complicated chemical reactors. These reactions can upset landfill chemistry and compromise the landfill’s physical integrity.

Companies exhibiting at this event included Aerzen USA Corp., Asahi/America, Inc., GE Analytical Instruments, GeoPump, Inc., Hach Company, Phoenix Contract USA and Process Measurement & Controls Inc.

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