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Gold Detector 2020 With 9 advanced systems

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Primero Gold Detector 9 advanced systems

Ajax Primero Gold Detector With 9 advanced systems for treasures Detection

Multiple functions in one device, Primero Gold Detector allows the user to use 9 advanced systems with accurate error-free performance to detect gold, treasures and metals underground.

Why use a multi-system device in voyages to explore gold and treasures

The multi-system detector offers you many options for a deep exploration journey

The multifunction devices feature a range of professional systems that provide prospectors with different data to emphasize more on the target and search for multiple options such as treasure hunt and groundwater search, to locate and confirm them through multiple systems and programs

Primero Gold Detector supports 7 devices and more different systems and functions cost more than $ 30,000 All this and more in one device for a price of only $ 11.900.00

DST Detectors presents you
the most accurate detection systems with advanced systems and software unprecedented, all this and more in Primero, the first detector in the world, is a truly new scientific revolution that provides you with all resources that you need in search and exploration trips of advanced detection systems with precision, efficiency and innovative research methods for the first time

 Primero has a unique and modern design which allows you to work on all systems of detection and exploration, also it contains high-level of operating programs and settings which allow you to control the overall plans of your exploratory trips until you reach to your target.

• Ajax Primero contains 9 different systems specialized to detect gold, mineral and buried targets with high-level technological performance and new concepts, these systems give you the accurate results integrated around the target with more specific details

This device was made and designed entirely and all its parts and components through Ajax factory for detection techniques

Primero Gold Detector
Detection and search systems in Ajax Primero
1- primero the long-range search system (Manual)

This system isn’t like any other long-range detection systems in market, it is a modern system with intelligent and comfortable design with high-sensitivity detection and sensor systems supported by dual transmission and receiving systems.

2- Long-range search system (Automatic)

It is the first time in the world in the long-range metal detectors, is that the device has automatic detection system for the target and will show name of the target on the screen automatically, it also can determine the distance between target and device’s fulcrum, also enables the user to determine target’s place and depth where the result appears automatically on the screen.

?Why use this type of long-range detectors..

Used to search for unknown targets that are difficult to reach, providing prospector with remote detection of target locations with great speed in the identification and monitoring of burial sites.

3-primero Ionic Long-Range system

After extensive research and studies conducted on ionic system, Ajax Detection produced and developed a very high-level long-range (ionic system), which allows quick identification and detection of ions (electric atoms) of precious metals buried underground, such as gold, Bronze, copper and platinum.

The screen results display the interactive results that show signal strength level and it is affected exponentially whenever the target location is approached, with system indicator you can determine the exact target location.

4- Primero Gradio smart system

This system provides accurate measurement of magnetic changes in the soil to detect and identify metallic objects and spaces in addition to distinguish between them.

The intelligent depth measurement program provides you with a precise measurement of the target’s depth underground regarding to the measurement of the level of reflective changes of the magnetic field.

5- Primero Smart pulse system

The system can distinguish between ferrous and nonferrous metals, also identify caves and spaces. The distinction between the targets is different and the results are displayed on the system interface through variable indicators for each type of target, in addition to the oscilloscope window showing the size of the target found.

6- Spectrum Primero Analyzer System

This system has the characteristics of quick identification of the target and its type, with integrated data.

This system works with gold and metal detection technology, which is a combined technique with pulse induction and spectral analysis of the target, with new and unique technology, Spectrum Analyzer System technology. This system shows a 3D images of the target shape which detected.

The control interface in this system gives you the final result of the image of the target and its form and complete details about it.

Live scan system on Primero -7 

For the first time integrated direct imaging system into the main processing screen of the device without using any external processing screen and programs, this system gives you a direct imaging of all things underground like buried and treasures and clarify its sizes, depths and types.

A special interface to direct scan system that gives you a direct view of the searching area in real time.

Primero 3D ground scanner system – 8

There is a special software interface to work on the 3D imaging system, allowing you to free control scan settings and properties.

This system has several features to complete the scan:

• scanning feature using the Tablet PC to work on AJAX application for analysis

• Or ground scanning feature using the device screen directly, as desired by the user

This system allows you to scan the ground on the screen directly by preparing complete scanning properties, such as control the steps and rows of scanning, scanning method, starting point, searching method (automatic or manual), and then start scanning and show results directly on the screen, in addition to the ability to analyses the scan and find targets places and determine its points.

The user can also connect the device with the Tablet PC via Bluetooth to work on Ajax application for analysis, to get more analysis tools and 3D scenes of the targets.

Ground balance and calibration, either through automatic calibration of the reference system required for tuning, or through manual calibration, which is determined by the user according to what he deems appropriate for the search area.

Prospectors typically use this system to survey specific archaeological targets with well-known features

Primero Geophysical Search System – 9

This system works on scan technique and electro-geophysics measurement that identify electrical resistors levels of soil, to locate the buried metals places of gold, silver, copper, bronze, iron, aluminum, the location of caves, tunnels and underground water.

Bipolar where it is easy to deal with and move through, this system can test a specific location to confirm if there are buried minerals in that area or not.

Through this system you can search for a specific target we identify through the list of targets available in the device and can make a quick survey to ensure that there is a target or not.

This system provides you with 2 electrical wires in addition to 2 special search probes that connect to the soil to test its contents.

This system has fast response and provides results that appear on the screen directly with target’s alerts,

Product functionalities

The main menu of the device contains a set of functions and settings to control the overall functions of the device:

Detection systems: multi-tasking and specialized systems to detect gold, treasures and buried underground, you can choose any of the systems available in the main menu to start using it directly.
Language settings: Our products are universally recognized as the best detectors, so we have to provide several languages ​​to support users wherever possible. The device has 8 basic languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Turkish and Arabic.

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