Government Warns Against Visiting Lake Superior due to E. coli Contamination


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EMSL Analytical -- The Minnesota Department of Health has detected high levels of E.coli bacteria in the water at numerous beaches along the shore of Lake Superior. The contamination was detected during a weekly routine inspection, and the Department of Health has recommended no contact with the water at 42nd Avenue East Beach and Brighton Beach in East Duluth.

High levels of bacteria were also detected at Minnesota Point 15th Street Harbor Side Beach, Park Point 20th Street/ Hearding Island Canal Beach, and Park Point Sky Harbor Parking Lot Beach.

The affected areas have recently been exposed to severe flooding caused by heavy rains. The flooding washed bacteria from sewage systems into lakes, rivers, and streams, leaving the water contaminated.

Individuals, including several children, have contracted bacterial infections from contact with the contaminated water. They have developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, a life-threatening complication from an E.coli infection.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), bacterial contamination of beaches is becoming a prevalent issue.

“In summertime, sewage contamination of lakes and oceans poses a greater threat to public health, as demonstrated by this unfortunate case,” states Jason Dobranic, Ph.D., Vice President of Microbiology and Life Sciences at EMSL Analytical, Inc.

“EMSL tests for sewage contamination by analyzing samples for certain 'indicator organisms,' such as Bacteroides, fecal coliforms, E. coli, and Enterococcus. The presence of these bacteria  in environmental samples is indicative of fecal contamination,” he continued.

EMSL also provides our clients with more definitive answers to risk exposure by testing for individual pathogens such as Salmonella, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium.

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