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GPT Waste announce increase in diversion from landfill


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We are pleased to announce that a recent internal report showcases a major increase in their diversion from landfill percentage

GPT Waste ensures that providing sustainable waste services to their clients remains the focal point of their business, therefore they carry out regular assessments to ensure they are meeting targets set by their clients and remain flexible in an ever-changing market.

Following a recent review of the percentage of waste they are diverting from landfill, in comparison to 2015/16, GPT Waste are pleased to announce that they have once again increased their landfill diversion rate.

When looking to improve the success of their services, GPT Waste carry out internal waste audits to ensure they can use the most up to date waste diversion rate as a benchmark. The use of facilities that operate the most up to date and technologically capable processing techniques, ensure that our waste producing Customers’ benefit from the most cost effective and environmentally sound solution.

The latest results are confirmed by an internal report in which GPT Waste monitor all trade waste and ad-hoc waste movements. Their waste movements consist of the collection arrangements and processing of a varied amount of waste materials, where zero waste to landfill was achieved.

GPT Waste work parallel to their approved service providers who support them in the delivery of fully compliant waste management for all waste streams across the UK.

GPT Waste Management

GPT Waste have been working in consultation with their clients to understand varying waste requirements. By identifying, redefining, and reducing the process to dispose of waste, they can ensure cost savings will be generated consistently.

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