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Granutech Launches New “Hybrid-Drive” Option for its Saturn Industrial Shredder Line


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“Patent-pending” drive offers variable speed ideal for Scrap Metal Applications

March 1, 2015 -- Grand Prairie, TX -- Granutech-Saturn Systems, a world-leading manufacturer of industrial and mobile shredders and other recycling equipment announced today it has developed and launched a new hybrid-drive mechanism option for  its popular line of Saturn® industrial shredders, targeted for non-ferrous metal scrap recycling, as well as rubber/tires, e-scrap and plastic recycling.

We have combined thebest features of hydraulic and electric drive systems in a compact,integrated, energy-efficient, no-compromise system,”said Matthew Morrison, VP for Granutech-Saturn Systems.  “In the process, we eliminated aplanetary gearbox, 400 gallons of hydraulic fluid, and the headachesassociated with today’s traditional drive systems,” he added.  Extensive Hybrid-Drive testing has been done on Saturn’s dual-shaft shredders models, but the new drive system will also be rolled out as an option on Saturn’s single shaft and quad shaft shredders in the near future. 


The Hybrid-Drive option is ideal anywhere you would use a single, dual or quad shaft shredder today, including metal scrap recycling.     “Because of the higher durability built into this system, the Saturn Shredders can be considered for shredding tougher materials than would be typically be appropriate for standard electric drive machines – such as non-ferrous metal scrap – with the added benefit of reduced fines, unlike the high fines count commonly experienced with traditional hamermill equipment,” said  Morrison.  

Product Features& Benefits

Granutech’spatent-pending hybrid-drive system provides the most energy-efficient and durable approach to poweringsingle, dual or quad shaft shredders on the market today.Recycling operations can expect up to a 25% increase in efficiency compared to traditional hydraulic drives and up to 30% more production than equivalent horsepower hydraulic or electric drive shredders.Constant horsepower operation– which means the shaftspeed of the shredder is constantly changing to provide speed whenproduct is easy to shred and torque for tough materials–  maximizesshredder throughput regardless of the material being processed, and in the case of metal scrap processing deliver a significant reduction in fines in the final output. Saturn Hybrid-Drive Shredders also delivershock absorption similar tothat of shredders fitted with traditional hydraulic drives, but with an average 50% smaller footprint than hydraulic or electric.

The hybrid drive is also offered as a retrofit option, with a turn-key retrofit kit that can be installed on legacy Saturn shredders in the field with assistance from certified Saturn technicians.  Alternatively, customers may also opt to send their machines to Granutech’s facility forretrofit  install and testing.

About Granutech-Saturn Systems

A leader in recycling equipment design& manufacturing, with focus on quality and innovation, the global company that is today Granutech-Saturn Systems Corporation isprivately held and based in Dallas, TX.. Its world class product offering includes Saturn® shredders and grinders, Saturn granulators and refiner mills, and MAC® auto crushers  and high density balers and loggers.The company produces standard models and also customizes and configures modelsthrough comprehensive on-site engineering, fabrication and machine shop capabilities, to deliver the ultimate in application specificconfigurations for a variety of needs. Granutech reaches customers through a mix of direct sales in North America and international distributors for localized sales and serviceMore information may be found on Granutech’s  website:

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