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Great cinema: UNTHA’s new corporate movie


Source: UNTHA Shredding Technology Gmbh

Kuchl -- Experience the world of reliable shredding technology in 6 minutes! This was the goal when making the new UNTHA shredding technology movie which impressively puts the entire scope of services provided by the shredding specialist from Salzburg in the limelight.

The movie gives its audience the chance to look behind the scenes of a modern production company and most importantly, it answers the central questions: Who is UNTHA, what does UNTHA do and what is important to UNTHA? Aside from the products, services and technologies it is specifically UNTHA's highly qualified employees who play the lead.

'UNTHA stands for uncompromising reliability in shredding technology. This image is embodied not only by UNTHA's products and services, but also by every single employee who supports this central idea. We respectively thought it important to make a strong connection to the employees in the movie - thus giving UNTHA a face,' explains Thomas Schmid, Director of Marketing and PR.

The new UNTHA shredding technology company movie can be viewed here.

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