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Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp. announces additions to its board of directors


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Jamestown, CA -- Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp. (OTC PINK: GETH) is pleased to introduce two new additions to its Board of Directors: Mark Gantar is Managing Director at USWTE Investments and is responsible for business and corporate development in Africa, specializing in Foreign Direct Investment. Mark develops and manages relationships with Africa sovereigns, banks and local corporations active in Africa. Mr. Gantar is also the President and founder of Arcsoft Consulting, an IT services organization that focuses on business intelligence and training for Government agencies. Mr. Gantar added, “My collaboration with GETH, and with Gary in particular, demonstrates to me that GETH has a viable solution to processing scrap tires and plastics that will have a positive effect globally and, when coupled with USWTE’s capability to structure the financing for these plants, together we will build a successful business”.

Burak Erten, President of USWTE investments, has a background in structured finance and investment banking with a specialization in de-risking projects and converting project risk to credit risk. He is also a specialist in ‘off-the-balance-sheet’ funding techniques for banks and has experience in fund structuring. Mr. Erten has also innovated various financial products including off-plan mortgage products in the Turkish Banking system. Another area of interest for Mr. Erten has been real estate development and real estate investment banking. Mr. Erten added, “We have been watching GETH’s advancement over the years with their ground breaking technology and I’m personally pleased to join their board and assist with the global advancement of their green, climate friendly technology. This company, the technology and the people behind this effort are perfect for advancing US interests in bettering the planet through an entrepreneurial spirit”. “We here at GETH are honored to be associated with and recognized by these world renowned professionals,” stated Gary De Laurentiis, CEO of Green Envirotech Holdings.

Gary De Laurentiis, GETH’s CEO continued, “Since our prior announced management change we have aligned with a strategic investment firm who consolidated a considerable amount of our outstanding convertible debt and provided cash investments.” Mr. De Laurentiis continued, “Our patent-pending technology and our list of industry leading contacts has attracted global investors, placement agents and a growing list of potential Gen 1 plant locations.” “Never have we been closer to our Gen 1 launch,” stated Mr. De Laurentiis. “I want to continue to thank our partners and shareholders who have patiently endured some delays but knew our focus was never swayed.”

About Green EnviroTech Holdings:

Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp. (GETH) is first and foremost a green technology company. Our mission is to find, develop, and implement practical, economical solutions to address environmental issues associated with the production of waste, energy, water, and food and to create jobs and stimulate economic growth in the local communities where we operate as we strive to achieve this mission.

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