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The NGO “Asociación contra el Cambio Climático Greenoxx” has been recently approved as an “Offset Aggregator” of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). CCX is the world’s first and North America’s only voluntary, legally binding rules-based greenhouse gas emission reduction, registry and trading system. This generates a great opportunity for sustainable forestry projects in Latin America. CCX is a self-regulatory, rules based exchange designed and governed by CCX Members. Members make a voluntary but legally binding commitment to reduce GHG emissions. By the end of Phase I (December, 2006) all Members will have reduced direct emissions 4% below a baseline period of 1998-2001. Phase II, which extends the CCX reduction program through 2010, will require all Members to reduce GHG emissions 6% below baseline.

The “Asociación contra el Cambio Climático Greenoxx”, is an environmentalist NGO (Non Governmental Organization). Its objective is the development of activities related to the Environment, Sustainable Development, Climate Change and its commercial area and ecology in general. Also, to contribute to the research, studies, projects and training to make viable the aforementioned. In conclusion, to make possible all kinds of actions which directly or indirectly promote improvements in life conditions of present and future generations.

As Offset Aggregator, Greenoxx NGO is able to submit projects to the CCX and at the same time, commercialize its offsets in the CCX Trading Platform. In this way, Greenoxx NGO will be able to promote forestry projects all over Latin America and therefore contribute to the development of forests that will sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in this way helping to mitigate the effects of Climate Change. CCX was created by Dr. Richard Sandor, who serves as its chairman and CEO. A former chief economist with the Chicago Board of Trade, is widely recognized as the 'father of financial futures'. Sandor was named one of Time magazine's 'Heroes for the Planet' in 2002 for helping found CCX. Dr. Sandor expressed his satisfaction for Greenoxx NGO’s integration to CCX as Offset Aggregator.

“Greenoxx NGO is our first member from Uruguay and this is a clear indication of the growing interest for CCX, for environmental issues and finding mechanisms that can help to mitigate climate change all around the world. “I have no doubt Greenoxx NGO will make a valuable contribution to our Exchange and its Members through the identification of sustainable forestry projects in Latin America and through the promotion of forestry-based projects that contribute to achieve a better society”.

Rocco Cheirasco President of Greenoxx NGO, said 'This is a very important achievement for us. Do not doubt that we will make the maximum effort and work with the utmost professionalism in order to contribute to develop the forestry sector within the CCX and ratify their trust'.

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