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Greenwich Council Embraces IoT SolarStreetBin™


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IoT SolarStreetBin™ with Fill-Level Sensor alerts Greenwich Council when Collection Required.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has installed 18 PEL Waste Reduction Equipment’s solar powered IoT SolarStreetBin™ with a view to increasing the efficiency of bin collection service in the borough.

Greenwich Council is looking at the potential of IoT litter bins to improve the litter collection service offered by the borough. The PEL120SSB solar powered IoT litter bin, sourced from PEL Waste Reduction Equipment is supplied with a compaction system, a sensor for measuring litter levels within the bin and a wireless transmitter which communicates the fill-level data to the borough’s litter collections team.

The PEL120SSB IoT SolarStreetBin™ bins have been installed in nine busy high street locations across the borough and will replace the existing double chamber bins used in those locations. The bins are being deployed in pairs with one bin designated for general waste with the second bin in the station labelled for recycling wastes. Historically the Royal Borough of Greenwich has not segregated their general and recycling litter streams and the IoT SolarStreetBin™ waste stations are an initiative to address this situation.

The IoT SolarStreetBin™ collects litter in a standard 120 Litre wheelie bin – the use of a wheelie bin allows standard comb lift equipped litter collections trucks to service the bins. The bin’s solar powered compactor increases its litter holding capacity by up to x10 over that of a normal bin.  This increased capacity will lead to a dramatic reduction in the number of visits required to service the bins.

Each IoT SolarStreetBin™ bin is equipped with a bin-fill level sensor linked to the BriteBin™ reporting software. The software allows the Royal Borough of Greenwich to identify when bins are full and to dispatch the collection trucks to only those bins requiring service. This reduction in journey’s cuts collections traffic and associated emissions, increases efficiencies and ultimately reduces overall litter collection costs for the borough.

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