Gulf Oil Spill Heightens Need for PetroSentry’s Early Warning System for Sea Water Contamination


Source: PetroSense, Inc

DALLAS, TEXAS - In the wake of the recent massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the importance of detecting hydrocarbon contamination of supply water is more important than ever before.

Dallas-based FCI Environmental Inc.’s PetroSentry in situ monitoring system uses field-proven fiber optic chemical sensor technology to detect total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) in water.

“There are a number of facilities along the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Coast that use sea water for feed stock,” said Peter Gerard, President and CEO of FCI Environmental. “There is growing concern now about hydrocarbon contaminants in the sea water.”

PetroSense sensors detect the presence and measure concentrations of hydrocarbons in water. Hydrocarbons can cause serious problems if not caught early. With tens of thousands of gallons of oil gushing into the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico and predictions that it could travel up the Eastern seaboard, PetroSentry, the 24/7 monitoring system can make the difference between an incident and a major process disruption.

Easy to install and maintain, the probes interface with many commercial loggers and controllers or they can be used with FCI’s PetroSentry information system. PetroSentry provides local data and alarms functionality as well as an internet based information system that can be accessed from any internet enabled computer.

Gerard said, “We have been one of the leaders in hydrocarbon monitoring for over 30 years. Our systems are designed to perform in challenging environments for long periods of time with minimal maintenance and care. We recognize the unparalleled  challenge that this disaster posses for the facilities that depend on the sea water for feed stock and process water, and we stand ready to assist them in protecting facilities and performance.”  (Photos Available)


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