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Gutermann Part of Veolias Smart Cities Strategy


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At Pollutec 2016 in Lyon, Veolia announced the creation of ecosystems designed to help smart cities develop. Gutermann's ZONESCAN leak monitoring forms an integral part of the strategy.

Veolia, a worldwide reference for the optimized management of resources, provides local authorities with Urban X, the most comprehensive range of digital solutions designed to assist them in successfully pulling off the challenge of organizing increasingly complex infrastructure for a growing population in a world with dwindling resources. These solutions, Urban Board, Urban Namics (including WaterNamics for water cycle infrastructure), and Urban Pulse have been designed respectively for elected officials and city managers to track the operation of their urban infrastructure and citizens’ perceptions; to help technicians and managers manage their infrastructure; and finally for citizens and visitors to make their lives easier and involve them in the local circular economy.

The WaterNamics water network hypervision system, designed in partnership with IBM, helps optimize water networks by collating data from numerous sensors and partners, such as LACROIX Sofrel for remote- management data, and Gutermann for constant water network surveillance and automatic leak detection and location.

Throughout 2015, Veolia has installed Europe's largest fixed network leak monitoring system in Lyon using ZONESCAN AMI loggers and ZONESCAN NET cloud software. To date, several hundred leaks have already been identified, located and repaired. In less than two years since the start of the project, several percentage points of water loss could be reduced, and Veolia's ambition leakage targets set by the City of Grand Lyon appear within grasp.

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