H2O GmbH presents on the IE expo China effective and reliable solutions


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Protection of precious water resources
H2O GmbH will demonstrate effective solutions to the sustainability of industrial wastewater treatment in the IE expo China (China IFAT) on

Shanghai / Steinen. New laws and regulations are very focused on the sustainable development of China's industrial production. Therefore, China's largest environmental technology fair this year, May 6 to 8 held --IE expo (China IFAT) is also fully cater to this trend. H2O GmbH zero waste production experts also will work with its Chinese partners Nuosun share a booth in Shanghai. They provide effective solutions for sustaining wastewater treatment.

'We want to build the future of an industrial wastewater zero', H2O two company leaders --Matthias Fickenscher and Frank Schlegel said so. To achieve this vision, the company developed a fruitful VACUDEST vacuum distillation equipment. The equipment used to handle industrial waste, in order to be applied to the production process again. This will not only protect the precious fresh water resources, but also to avoid residual dirt into public waters.

The system has been applied to more than 1200 industrial production base, with impressive results: the use of wastewater for circulating a substantial savings for users waste cleanup costs and operating costs. Investment VACUDEST evaporation machine and therefore can pay for itself in two years. Innovative VACUDEST vacuum distillation equipment for many Chinese manufacturers have benefited.

To learn more about zero waste production, visit held in Shanghai IE expo (China IFAT), H2O will provide more information for you on the N2 pavilion booth number 2713.

About H2O GmbH - through effective and safe treatment and distillation in industrial waste water recycling, zero waste production experts H2O GmbH is a global leader. With modular technology, customization and efficient system in line with customer requirements. More than 25 years of experience to fully protect the superior quality of the product and, therefore, set the industry benchmark for technology. 2013, the company's sales since its inception on average rose 15 percent to 15 million euros. H2O now has 100 employees worldwide, including 77 in Baden-Wuerttemberg in Steinen headquarters.

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