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Hanovia Wins Korean Sewage Treatment Contracts


Source: Hanovia Ltd - a Halma Company

UV disinfection specialist Hanovia has won contracts to supply four medium pressure UV effluent treatment systems to Yangsan City Council in South Korea. In the first contract, a PMD500 UV system has already been installed at one of the city's sewage treatment plants. The second contact, for a different sewage plant in the city, will see three more units installed in the coming months.

Each of the UV systems will treat tertiary filtered effluent at a variable flow rate of up to 1,625m3/hr. The systems are controlled by Photon microprocessors which vary power output to the UV lamps and automatically calculate the UV dose. Automatic wipers are fitted as standard, ensuring optimum UV output at all times.

Surface water provides over 90% of Korea's needs. However, as the quantity of wastewater generated has surpassed the facilities available for treating it, excessive dumping of untreated effluent directly into rivers has led to an alarming rise in pollution. The government has therefore begun a major project of building more water and wastewater treatment facilities, as well as modernising existing ones. It has also mandated the use of UV for disinfecting all tertiary treated effluent that is discharged directly to rivers and lakes.

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