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Three Processing Technologies Of Industrial Hazardous Waste Disposal

Generally solid waste includes municipal waste, industrial solid waste and hazardous waste, and the industrial hazardous wastes in this article refers to hazardous products which are produced or discharged during the production or processing of industrial plant and mining enterprises. It is classified as 'National Hazardous Waste List' or recognized as hazardous solid waste. The most common hazardous solid waste are paint bucket, paint residue, oil cloth, waste oil, oil sludge which is used or discharged during the production.

Three Processing Technology Of Industrial Hazardous Waste Disposal


For environmental health, industrial hazardous wastes must be collected, transported, disposed of and managed in accordance with the relevant national requirements. Currently there are three main industrial hazardous waste disposal ways, industrial hazardous waste incineration process, industrial hazardous waste physical and chemical treatment process, industrial hazardous waste incineration & landfill treatment process.



Disposal difficulties during the Industrial Hazardous Waste Processing

In the case of industrial hazardous waste with low ignition and explosive gases, there are a lot of heat generation, severe collision, strong agitation and other unstable factors in the process of shredding, which can easily lead to explosion or fire, so the industrial hazardous waste disposal system must be equipped with multiple safety protection.

arden Industrial Hazardous Waste Processing Technology and SMP system


Harden company carries thousands of successful cases of industrial hazardous waste disposal. Super star to dispose industrial hazardous waste disposal is the model TDH812, which comes with a hydraulic driven system. The most representative industrial hazardous waste processing system is SMP system, it contains the main three procedures for industrial hazardous waste disposal--Shredding, Mixing and Pumping.


Shredding: Hazardous waste will be shredder by Harden powerful industrial hazardous waste shredder

Mixing: Mixing conditioner makes the industrial hazardous waste suitable for pumping

Pumping: A robust pump feeds the kiln by fully sealed tubes

Features of Harden Industrial Hazardous Waste Processing System


Harden One-stop Industrial Hazardous Waste Processing Solution


  •  Lifter+Shredder+Fire Control System
  •  Lifter+Shredder+Fire Control System+Mixer+Pump
  • Driven by world-class hydraulic system
  • Quality hydraulic components with 35 Mpa of maximum pressure
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Knives are made of high strength alloy, no worry of metal crushing
  • Knives can be repaired by welding to reduce the maintenance cost
  • Double seals, dust proof maze and material baffle for core part protection
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system
  • Maintenance mode for easy, safe operation
  • Forced feeding by hydraulic press
  • Siemens and Schneider electric components ensures high stability

Recommended Harden Industrial Hazardous Waste Shredder TDH812

More specification about industrial hazardous waste shredder TDH812 as below




Motor power kW


Cutting chamber mm


Knife size mm


Knives quantity pcs


Service voltage Hz


Machine dimension mm


Machine weight kg


Output kg/h



Please feel free to contact Harden to discuss more industrial hazardous waste  disposal solution.


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