Haringey Council Halts Litter in its Tracks with the SolarStreetBin


Source: PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

The London Borough of Haringey has installed PEL Waste Reduction Equipment’s SolarStreetBinTM in Finsbury Park in order to increase the efficiency of litter collections within the park.

Haringey Council has installed the PEL120SSB SolarStreetBinTM in Finsbury Park which lies within the confines of the North London Borough. The PEL120SSB is a solar powered IoT litter bin designed to save councils such as Haringey and local authorities on the total cost of their litter collections service. It is forecast that the SolarStreetBinTM will reduce litter collections in the park by up to 90% whilst making the park a cleaner and safer environment for users of the amenity.

Finsbury Park, spread over 110 acres is one of the busiest parks in London with many of Haringey’s 270,000 residents and those in the surrounding boroughs using its extensive network of pathways and open spaces for recreational and other leisure purposes. The park is also a popular open air concert venue and events, attended by up to 40,000 people at a time are commonplace, especially over the summer months. The increasing popularity is creating a litter problem within Finsbury Park and Haringey Council has turned to the SolarStreetBinTM to address the issue.

The SolarStreetBinTM is a state-of-the-art IoT (Internet-of-Things) litter bin with an on-board solar powered compaction system that increases the litter holding capacity of the bin by up x10.  Litter levels within the SolarStreetBinTM are monitored by an ultrasonic sensor and integrated BriteBinTM software communicates bin-fill (litter) levels via the SigFox or GSM networks. This reporting capability allows the council to identify bins requiring service and to dispatch the collection trucks to only those bins which are full.

The SolarStreetBinTM litter bins have been placed at key strategic locations within Finsbury Park and the PEL120SSB will enhance the experience of park users by eliminating over-flowing bins and associated vermin at these locations. Reducing collections traffic will decrease associated emissions, make the park safer for pedestrians and ultimately reduce overall litter collection costs incurred by Haringey Council in keeping Finsbury Park as a safe and pleasant venue for the residents to visit.

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