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`Harnessing new technologies for efficient noise management`


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The South-East Division of Environmental Protection UK will be holding a joint event on noise issues with Bruel and Kjaer at Bruel and Kjaer's offices in Royston, Hertfordshire. The meeting will be a combined seminar and workshop on the important topic of how to access and apply new technologies to achieve improved outcomes, better efficiencies and cost control in the monitoring and management of noise to meet environmental quality and health constraints.

Delegates to this meeting will be introduced to case studies and current developments in cost effective web-enabled noise monitoring and management. These systems are the way forward in providing wide area and extended time sequence coverage to enable operators, customers and regulators to determine and resolve noise related issues in the environment and to demonstrate compliance when needed. Bearing in mind the special circumstances of the South East, which hosts 9 key airports, a particular focus of the meeting will be the application of these techniques to aircraft, to noise emission measurement and to supporting environmental management in and around airports. In addition, the opportunity will be provided to gain hands-on experience with some of the latest instrumentation and software.

This meeting is free to attend but places are limited so please contact carry.keay@environmental-protection.org.uk or 01273 878 776 to book your space (members in the South-East division will be given priority if this event is over-subscribed)

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