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Heat Stress Round Table in Serbia


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Heat stress has great impact on dairy cow’s performance in Serbia too!

Twenty-five dairy and beef farm leaders, feed millers and independent nutritionists participated in a round table discussion about this hot topic in Serbia, mid-May 2015.

Organized by Lallemand Animal Nutrition and Serbian Distributor Elixirfeed, this event took place in the middle of Vojvodina, a major region for dairy production. During the Rumen School previously organized in Serbia, participants stressed out the challenges they had to face in the summer, such as reduced feed intake, acidosis and laminitis issues. Today heat stress appears in many regions as a key problem in dairy production and the Serbian round-table was organized to help farmers address this issue.

Aurelien Piron, Ruminant Technical Manager, presented Lallemand Animal Nutrition solutions for heat stress management in dairy cow and beef cattle: live yeast LEVUCELL®SC, proven to help improve rumen efficiency and prevent acidosis, and ALKOSEL®, the organic selenium source. This was also the opportunity to introduce Elix SC, a farmpack containing LEVUCELL®SC.

Summer can be hot now, Serbian cows should be ready!

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