Herald emphasises how precious water is for Agriculture - Rainwater harvesting tanks beneficial



The Scottish Herald this week emphasised how we must treat water as a precious resource. As water and irrigation rules in England and Wales face their biggest overhaul for more than 50 years under plans contained in a consultation by the Defra, and the EA.

Of course, agriculture is a major user of ater for irrigation, accounting for about 70 per cent of water used worldwide. Modern irrigation practices can help improve crop productivity and yields, but unfortunately, irrigation also causes excessive water depletion from waterways and aquifers. According to the Herald, there is now a pressing need for farmers around the world to reduce water consumption and develop sustainable practices.

Rainwater harvesting tanks are one tool for incorporating a more sustainable water strategy. Collecting rainwater from roof areas and storing them in vertical water tanks, potable water tanks and other rainwater tanks helps farmers to take advantage of this free resource. Whatever the outcome of the Defra water consultation, whether water rates for farming increase, or whether we go on to have a hot summer as many sources predict, rainwater harvesting is a practice that puts farmers more in control of their own water supplies for when it is needed.

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